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Electric Guitar Classes in Jodhpur


Electric  Guitar Classes in Jodhpur

The Electric Guitar is one of the easiest instruments for the beginner to learn but one of the most difficult to master. For millions of people, a handful of simple chords is all that is needed to workout how to play many of the popular songs we hear every day. But at the same time, the guitar also offers limitless scope for musical expression to those willing to devote the time and practice to it. The guitarists will all tell you that the guitar constantly presents you with new challenges and rewards as long as you are willing to seek them out. Learning to guitar cannot be done over-night.
Our aim in these courses has been set out clearly as possible – often in easily accessible chart form – a structures system of reference information ranging from the basic to the advanced. These courses can therefore be used either as an introductory guide to the first steps of learning to play the guitar or as the basis for a more serious study of music theory, music notation and more advanced techniques. Pick up your electric guitar and let your hands and ears lead the way!!