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Acoustic Guitar Classes in Jodhpur

acoustic guitar classes

Acoustic Guitar Classes in Jodhpur

At The Neils Guitar, we provide structured training to our students with an aim to provide quality Acoustic Guitar Classes in Jodhpur. Our uniquely designed courses cover techniques and methods that will help you play the Acoustic Guitar. The Acoustic Guitar Classes in Jodhpur taught have been well laid out by Neil Simon James, with his experience in teaching of over 20 years, to help players achieve a sophisticated level of Guitar playing, irrespective of what age group you belong to.

Along with learning Guitar, the structured courses of Acoustic Guitar Classes in Jodhpur for Musical Excellence also focus on Sight Reading, Aural Tests, Scales and Technical Study, Improvisation, Composition and Music Arranging. Theory of Music is also taught along with the practical lessons. Students of Neils Guitar Class are taught different genres of music including Bollywood songs in staff notation.

Neils Guitar programs have been setting the standard for contemporary guitar education for over a decade. Under the direction of a top-class teaching staff of professional guitarist’s, you develop the techniques, musicianship, and playing experience to handle any style while you also unlock your unique playing style. Neils Guitar performing opportunities are unmatched by any guitar school in India.

The True Teacher’s utmost desire is to aid, guide, and do whatever it takes to bring the student to their place of happiness and fulfillment as a musician and guitarist. The student may not have a clear idea of what this place is, and certainly not where it is. The teacher may not know either, but he knows more than the student, and he must help the student feel their way if necessary. The True Teacher knows that if this person is destined to be a musician, (which is another way of saying if they really want it bad enough), then their place of happiness and fulfillment does exist, and can be found. And “The True Teacher” resolves to do whatever it takes to make that come about. Join Acoustic Guitar Classes in Jodhpur to unlock your hidden talent.