Acoustic Guitar

Learn Spanish Acoustic Guitar at Neil's Guitar.

Learn Spanish Guitar On

Kaps Pro, Kaps Semi Acoustic, Cort X2, Santana, Signature & Givson Spanish Acoustic Guitars.

Electric Guitar

Learn Electric & Bass Guitar at Neil's Guitar Classes.

Learn Electric Guitar On

Ibanez, FEnder Electric Guitar, Processor of Roland Cubne, Boss, Digitek-GNX4, Roland Guitar Synth, Professional Head Phones & Drum Machine

Piano & Key Board

Learning Piano Style & Keyboard Playing at Neil's Guitar Classes.

Learn on

Piano Style Playing on Yamaha PSR 3000 & Key Board Playing on Yamaha PSR 290.

Jazz Drum & Melodica

Learn Jazz Drum with the Pioneer of Beats - Neil's Guitar Classes

Learn On

On Imported Jazz Kit ,Original Imported Symbols & Imported Blowing Melodica.